Tenants Make the Difference

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Tenants make the difference




At Tenants Choice by property management company, Denver we have learned that the secret to providing quality, well-maintained, sought after homes for rent means building a solid positive relationship with our tenants.




The key to our relationship with our tenants is good communication, both when things are going well and when they have issues with their rental property. That’s why we encourage our tenants to communicate with us as soon as they experience any issues that require our involvement, like scheduling contractors for repairs. If you issue is something that you feel you can repair yourself, please let us know and we’ll make an assessment of that’s possible. If not, we have a list of preferred vendors that we will provide you once you sign a lease with us. We should remind you that cosmetic or appliance issues are up to the tenant to repair.


Tenant portal


Communication with Tenants Choice by property management company, Denver is as easy as signing up for and logging into the tenant portal. There you can schedule any routine maintenance or repairs, as well as make payments with a major credit card or E check, greatly simplifying the sometimes frustrating experience tenants encounter when trying to contact their property management company.


Long-Term Occupancy


we believe that long-term occupancy is best for both our property owners and tenants. Unlike other property management companies, we believe that giving our tenants the capability and tools to resolve problems and become good caretakers of their rental properties makes for good long time renters. As part of this strategy, we also offer our tenants a lease to own program that frees up the property owner from having to clean up, and list their property for resale once they decide they no longer want to maintain a rental property.


What We Offer


For property owners, we offer an owner portal for easy communication with us, no additional fees to advertise their property, and assurance of no vacancies, and we minimize the amount of maintenance requests. For tenants, we offer long-term leases, training on how to be better tenants, a tenant portal for easy communication with us, and a lease to own program.


Why Choose Usd4


Based in Denver, Brian McLean founded Tenants Choice in order to provide the kind of property management services that he desired as an investor in property. The driving force behind Brian’s philosophy is that his property management company handles your investment property as though it were their own. He believes the key to success for any property management company is to develop strong relations with tenants. He cites the average tenant retention rate as 3.5 years, a remarkable number in today’s rental market and one that few property managers can claim.